Was Your Tallow Melted?

Often times in the hot summer months, our whipped tallow can melt down to be either somewhat deflated or even completely melted into a liquid, an everything in between. This all varies by the temperature outside the day it was delivered as well as the temperature it was at in the Amazon Warehouse. Rest assured, this is completely normal due to the fact that it is a fully natural product with no preservatives and it does not change the effectiveness of the product. While some perceive it as being used, it really just melted down in the jar and lost its air. Below you can find answers to questions around this issue.

Melted Tallow Questions Answered.

What should I do if my tallow has melted?

One solution for this is to put it in the refrigerator to allow it to firm back up and resolidify. If you want it to return to the original whipped consistency, you can also whip it back up with a hand mixer.

What if my tallow is beyond repair or I am not satisfied?

We understand that it can be frustrating to pay money for a product that does not live up to your expectations. We pride ourselves at having exceptional customer service. If you are unsatisfied with your product due to melting, please reach out at support@amallow.com and send a picture, and we will make things right for you.

What can I do next time to prevent this from happening in the future?

While there is not way to guarantee that this will not happen for sure, below are some tips to help mitigate this issue.

1. If you are able, try to get the package off of your porch as soon as you can to prevent it from being left out in the heat.

2. If ordering from Amazon, try to have the delivery date be a day that is supposed to be cooler or cloudier to avoid a very hot day.

3. We have had less issues with melting when customers order directly from us at amallow.com. We have a more climate controlled warehouse than amazon and ship in boxes with kraft paper that helps with insulation. We also offer free shipping.

4. We always recommend customers stock up in the fall and winter in order to avoid this issue. Our product has a relatively long shelf life.

Our Customer Service Promise

When ordering from Amazon, there is a lot that can go wrong from units being in non climate controlled warehouses to them shipping in bubble mailers leading to shattered jars and much more.

Regardless of what happens, or if you are just dissatisfied with the product in general, we ALWAYS go the extra mile and make it up to customers, all you need to do is reach out to us at support@amallow.com and we will get you taken care of.