Welcome to amallow


At amallow, we are dedicated to providing clean and quality products that you can feel good about putting on your body. We have observed that far too many products out there are harmful to humans, and we wanted to be a part of positive change.


Allow us to introduce you to the faces behind the brand, amallow. Hello! My name is Lauryn, and my husband's name is Hunter. We are a small family business, personally involved in every aspect of the products you receive from start to finish. We have always had a passion for healthy, non-toxic living and understand the importance of ancestral skincare, especially tallow.

We began by making our own tallow creams that we loved and wanted to share. While I was working full time as a night shift nurse, we realized that Amallow was the perfect opportunity for me to cut back my hours at the hospital, as we are expecting our first child. Little did we know then how much our business would grow. We quickly outgrew our house as a production space and had to move to a warehouse. Hunter recently gave up his full-time position as a data analyst to devote more time to our business. We are truly dedicated to giving you quality products. I have personally designed all our packaging and all design elements of our brand. Hunter works diligently behind the scenes, managing the ins and outs of running a small business and everything that entails.

Every product you receive is carefully made and handcrafted by us. We do have help! We have partnered with an amazing co-packing team that employs people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries to package up every finished jar by placing it in bubble wrap and boxing it up. Every purchase you make not only supports our family but also those who have suffered a neurological injury, disease, or disorder by promoting independent living and personal success through job and life skills training.


We differ from your average large mass-produced skincare company. We genuinely care about you and the ingredients you are putting on your skin. We have put a lot of thought and research into giving you the highest quality product possible. One of our main differentiators is our use of organic sweet almond oil instead of olive oil. I have always struggled with acne, so when producing our formulation, I wanted to use an oil that was non-comedogenic and wouldn't worsen breakouts. We also value using well-sourced, high-quality ingredients. We use grass-fed, grass-finished tallow, organic sweet almond oil, and all our essential oils are 100% pure and organic. Our customers value and trust that we use the most quality ingredients for their skincare products.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on having exceptional customer service. We understand that everyone's skin is unique, and our products might not be for you. If you want to return or exchange our products, we will allow you to do that, no questions asked. As we continue to grow, we invite you to join us on this exciting adventure. Whether you're a long-time customer or just discovering us, we appreciate your support and look forward to serving you for many years to come. Thank you for being part of the amallow family.