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What is beef tallow?

Tallow is derived from cows through a delicate rendering process that converts it from suet to tallow. It has been historically favored by our ancestors for skin care. However, its popularity declined over time as animal-derived substances were later replaced by synthetic compounds, petroleum derivatives, chemically processed plant extracts and artificial vitamins.

Why do I need to add tallow to my skincare routine? 

Beef tallow is remarkably effective in skincare due to its unique composition and inherent properties. Rich in essential fatty acids, including stearic acid and oleic acid, it closely resembles the lipid profile of human skin, ensuring optimal compatibility and absorption. This natural affinity allows beef tallow to penetrate deeply, delivering intense hydration without clogging pores, making it non-comedogenic. Additionally, beef tallow contains fat-soluble vitamins such as A, D, E, and K, providing a nourishing boost to the skin. These vitamins contribute to skin repair, protection, and overall health, promoting a radiant complexion. The presence of antioxidants in beef tallow helps combat free radicals, protecting the skin from oxidative stress and environmental damage. Its anti-inflammatory properties further make it ideal for soothing irritated skin, reducing redness, and promoting a more even skin tone. In essence, the effectiveness of beef tallow in skincare lies in its ability to hydrate deeply, nourish with essential nutrients, protect against environmental stressors, and soothe the skin, offering a holistic approach to skincare rooted in nature's wisdom.

What to expect from our tallow moisturizer

Due to the natural origin of our tallow based moisturizers, you may notice some texture variations with changes in temperature, from a creamy consistency in warmer temperatures to a firmer consistency in cooler temperatures. Rest assured, this does not affect the product's efficacy. As for the aroma, it's derived from beef fat, and while it may be distinct, it dissipates quickly after application. We also offer scented versions that mask the odor. Our moisturizers are indeed rich, and a little goes a long way. We recommend applying sparingly for a non-greasy, deeply moisturizing experience.

Our ingredients 

We use 100% grass-fed grass-finished tallow sourced from US farms, which is the highest quality and most nutrient-dense form of tallow you can find. We use organic sweet almond oil and 100% pure and USDA organic essential oils in our scented options.

The “no” list

At Amallow, we like to keep it simple. We don’t add anything extra to our products. No preservatives, chemicals, toxins, GMOs, fillers, dyes, or artificial fragrances. If you can’t pronounce it, we don’t include it in our products.

Why should I use amallow for my tallow skincare? 

Handmade with care: Our tallow creams are made in small batches to ensure that every jar is crafted with attention to detail.

Organic almond oil: Almond oil’s nourishing properties pair well with tallow, giving added benefits, and it won’t clog your pores like olive oil.

Whipped texture: Our whipped texture is superior to a balm for its lighter, easier-to-spread texture.

Pure & organic essential oils: Incorporating organic essential oils into your skincare routine ensures the use of pure and chemical-free ingredients

Grass-fed grass-finished tallow: Grass-fed, grass-finished tallow is richer in nutrient content, offering more effective skin benefits.

Is tallow good for oily or acne prone skin?

Tallow can indeed be beneficial for oily or acne-prone skin. Despite common misconceptions, applying tallow-based products to oily or acne-prone skin can actually help balance oil production and alleviate acne symptoms. Tallow's fatty acids have antimicrobial properties that can help combat acne-causing bacteria, while its anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated skin and reduce redness associated with acne.

About amallow 

Amallow is a small family business run by Hunter and Lauryn, a husband and wife team committed to providing you clean and quality skincare products. At Amallow, we genuinely care about you and the ingredients you are putting on your skin. We have put a lot of thought and research into giving you the highest quality product possible. We have observed that far too many products out there are harmful to humans, so we wanted to be a part of positive change. Click here to learn more about us.

What is your return policy?

If you are dissatisfied with our products in any way, we offer a full refund, no questions asked. We want you to be 100% satisfied with our products. 

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