Beef Tallow For Eczema - Why It Works & Tips

Beef Tallow For Eczema - Why It Works & Tips

Beef Tallow is one of our ancestors best kept secrets for skincare due to its healing and moisturizing properties. It is a very versatile and can be used for a variety of skin conditions. Many people use beef tallow for eczema with extremely positive results.

What Causes Eczema?

The most common causes of eczema include irritants, environmental allergens, food allergies, skin infections,  and hormonal changes. In addition, some people find that their symptoms worsen when the air is dry or dusty, or in times when they are stressed, sweaty or feel overheated or too cold [1].

Why Is Tallow Good For Eczema?

Beef tallow is an excellent option for eczema because it is rich in fat soluble vitamins, particularly A, D, E and K [2]. This is unique, as many plant based alternatives do not have these important vitamins. This combination of vitamins is useful to reduce inflammation, irritation, redness as well as help with cracked and scaly skin. Tallow has shown to be effective for both itchy and scaly eczema on adults as well as babies.

Tallow is able to effectively rehydrate your skin and restore the damaged skin barrier. Part of this is due to the fact that tallow is very similar to our skin barrier. Because of this, it is able to mimic some of the properties of our skin, which makes it such a good option for eczema.

How to Use Tallow For Eczema

Purchase a tallow balm or moisturizer that does not contain any essential oils in order to avoid irritation. You can first start by applying the moisturizer to a small patch of skin initially to test out the effectiveness. If it is effective in starting to clear up the eczema, apply to all applicable areas a few times a day.

Use Amallow Unscented Tallow Moisturizer with Almond Oil For Eczema

Amallow is a fully natural tallow moisturizer consisting of 100% grass fed tallow and organic almond oil. Almond oil is also great for eczema due to its ability to lock in moisture, which helps relieve and repair flaring skin. Try out our unscented tallow moisturizer risk free below.

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